Who We Are

You’re family to us!
We are committed to provide you with the best service, parts, and customer care because we treat you like family. Vehicles become part of your family. Whether it’s just to get you around or to just show off, our vehicles become part of the family and we cherish family.

We do this because of you.
We have met so many people and have become great friends with our customers over the years. The smiles on our clients faces, whether at the shop or attending car shows, is what keeps us wanting to strive for more.

A family owned and operating business

Will Matthews
Jamie Matthews

Our Team

Will Matthews: Will started at Vintage Specialties while in High School through the school to work program. After graduating in 1994, he devoted his time to Vintage Specialties. Will is certified to perform PA State and enhanced inspections, as well as do custom electrical work and stainless-steel fabrication.

When not assembling or working on vehicles, Will volunteers his time as a fire fighter for the Arendtsville Fire Company. He also enjoys driving his vehicles: a ’63 Ford Falcon Convertible (with a 392 stroker), a 1942 Ford Diesel GPW and a 2008 customized Escape (diesel).

Jamie Matthews: Jamie started at Vintage Specialties while in High School through the school to work program, graduating in 1992. In 1998, he and his wife took over his father-in-law’s auto parts store. In January of 2006 he closed the store and returned to Vintage Specialties to continue his passion, restoring classic vehicles.

Jamie is the lead body repair technician and paint pro. He is also certified to perform PA State and enhanced inspections.

Jamie still drives his very first vehicle, a 1938 Ford Sedan (with a 351 Cleveland). He also has a ‘32 Ford Pickup and a ‘65 Ford Flatbed (1 ton, diesel). His artistic and mechanical abilities allow him to have the ability to customize anything.

He also has a 1932 Hiboy that was previously built in the 90’s, for one of our customers.

Roy Snyder: Roy started with Vintage Specialties in 2001 after his service with the Marines. Roy specializes in brake and fuel line fabrication and as a body technician. He also installs the A/C systems and is certified to perform PA State and enhanced inspections.

Roy drives a ’65 Mustang (with a 302) and competes with his pull tractor.

Denton Showers: While still in school and Vo Tech, Denton started working for Vintage Specialties in 2017. Now full-time, he spends his days doing mechanical work on vehicles and motorcycles and is certified to perform PA State and enhanced inspections. He drives an ’80 Ford Bronco and his Fox Body Mustang.

Duane Dickerson: Duane began working for Vintage while a student at Gettysburg high school & Adams County tech prep where he was enrolled in the diesel mechanic program.

After graduating in 2021, he started full time at Vintage.
He has his PA. State Inspection, category 1 & 3 inspection license & does mechanical, assembly & wiring.

An ’87 Camaro is a work in progress for Duane in his free time.

Noah (Billy) Bakalarski: Billy is a 2017 Biglerville high school grad.  At his previous job he worked as a suspension tech.

Billy started with Vintage Specialties in 2022.  He is certified to perform PA state inspections and does mechanical work on vehicles. He drives a lowered ’69 C20.  In his spare time, he works on a ’69 C10 and the ’69 C20.